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B.A. in Music Education

After returning to university to fulfill my lifelong dream of finishing a music education degree, I completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in music education and art at Western Colorado University in Gunnison Colorado. My saxophone Professor, Dr. Robert Barrett, led me to a successful senior year and senior recital. Dr. John Wacker and Dr. Heather Roberson gave me a solid start in my conducting career. Dr. Christa Garvey, at the University of Wisconsin in Eau Claire Wisconsin, helped me obtain solid performance abilities on oboe.

M.M. in Saxophone Performance

Continuing on from my successful time at my undergrad, I was accepted into the University of Wyoming saxophone studio to study saxophone performance at the graduate level. I studied saxophone with Dr. Jennifer Turpen and Dr. Scott Turpen. These professors took me to a successful graduate recital. I studied conducting with Dr. Robert Belser. Dr. Belser is a well respected conductor and educator, as well as Director of Bands at the University of Wyoming. Also, during this time, I studied oboe with Dr. Lindsey Bird Reynolds.
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